Multi cyclone dust collector

  • Multi cyclone dust collector
  • Multi cyclone dust collector

Product feature

  • 1

    Wide range of applications, including all kinds of dry dust collection and treatment;

  • 2

    Large treatment flue gas, strong load adaptability;

  • 3

    Guarantee year of the industrial cyclone dust collector: ≥20 years;

  • 4

    No operation fee;

  • 5

    Less one-time investment;

  • 6

    The ceramic material of the dust collector cyclone is high-temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and wear resistant;

  • 7

    Small land occupation can be designed according to site condition;

  • 8

    Can be designed and manufactured according to the site situation to export, left and right side, the top four azimuth; it is convenient for the connection of flues;

  • 9

    Dust collector consists of upper and lower box, simple installation connection;

  • 10

    The dust collector is simple operation and maintenance, easy to manage.

Application scope

Multi cyclone Dust Collector is one of the typical industrial dust collector. The cyclones are listed in the scrubber body and equipped into a whole. It can be applied on all kinds of industry boilers and utility boilers: chain furnace, circulating fluidized bed furnace, pulverized coal furnace, hot-water stove, biomass boiler, CWS-boiler, steel sintering machine, hot-blast stove, reciprocating boiler, spreader stoker boiler, lime kiln, rotary kiln and other kinds of industrial boilers and utility boilers.

Packing specifications

All equipments are an irregular shape, we put them into container after simple packing. The main parts of Motor and electric cabinet will be packed by wood or steel box , then load into container.

Technical parameter

No. Capacity Size Flue gas volume Weight
1 1T 920*680*2850 3000m3/h 0.5T
2 2T 920*1080*3100 6000m3/h 1T
3 4T 1320*1480*3150 12000m3/h 1.5T
4 6T 1740*1480*3500 18000m3/h 2T
5 8T 1740*1880*3650 24000m3/h 2.5T
6 10T 2140*1880*3850 30000m3/h 3T
7 15T 2540*2280*3850 45000m3/h 5T
8 20T 3360*2220*4150 60000m3/h 5.8T
9 25T 3780*2640*5150 75000m3/h 7T


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